I’m a Vancouver born & raised classic girly girl

While I’ve always been passionate about beauty, I never imagined I would end up here, rolling around Vancouver with the most adorable studio on wheels! When choosing my career my mindset was to follow the academic pathway that would lead to a secure 9-5 career, with artistry taking the backseat… 

I am so grateful for that change in heart, for that leap of faith and for that little (big) push from my family. Now most days you can find me at photoshoot glowing up my next model, writing my latest beauty blog post or planning the looks for this next crazy wedding season while cuddling my baby Louis (4lbs Chihuahua). 

  Paragon embodies my values and passions. In the highly competitive industry of Beauty, Paragon rises above with a commitment to innovation, precision and professionalism. Paragon is my way of serving the world by revealing the subtle sparkle and inner glow in each and every one of my clients. My ultimate goal is to provide beauty services that meet you vision and exceed your expectations!