Top Tips To Find Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

Alright, so I recently asked all you future brides “what concerns you about your makeup and hair on your wedding day?” The reason I ask is because, I wanna know what YOU are nervous about, so I can address some of these issues. Several brides got back to me mentioning they were lost and confused on how to navigate the world of hair extensions. And I get it. It’s a hot topic because hair extensions are a necessity for a lot of those insanely voluminous styles you are dreamin’ about from Pinterest. For a first time buyer, extensions are quite expensive and risky to purchase, especially if you're going the online route. Between choosing European versus Indian, matching the specific colour tone to your hair and determining the proper length, it's important to get hair extensions right.

Top 3 Favourite Halloween Makeup Video Tutorials

Trick or treat is just around the corner and if your stuck on how to stand out this Halloween, check out my favourite makeup tutorials sure to spruce up any costume. All these tutorials can be done without a pro and using products from your local party store or amazon. From special effects to glam character makeup to the cult favourite skull makeup, the possibilities are endless!

Its your special day & it's going to rain…

So you’re getting married… destination: Vancouver. It’s time to face the facts. Even if your chosen date is in the heat of summer, it might just fall on the odd day it downpours rain. See Vancouver *cough* Raincouver’s weather is highly unpredictable, so you miss bride-to-be should read up on this blog post full of tangible tips and tricks to be the most prepared before your day, rain or shine.

Sarah's West Coast Bridal Look

This West Coast brides look embodies the tranquility of the Squamish outbacks with a simple textured bun, perfectly undone with pieces to frame. Her beauty look is completed with shades of mauve and neutrals to accentuate her green eyes and the wild backdrop. The high-planes: eyes, nose and cheeks, caught by light slivers peaking through the trees, bring attention to her graceful and glowing spirit. The two of them, enchantedly in-love.

My Go-To Brow Routine

Before you reach to pick out products and scribble in your brows, STOP! For the perfect brow look, you need to start by assessing your canvas. What is your brow shape, length and colour. In order to spend less time every morning trying to fill them in evenly, maintain your brows once a month (or twice if your hair grows fast)! The perception of beauty is impacted greatly by facial symmetry, so keep your brows the right size and shape for your face! Read on for a few pro tips for creating the perfect canvas

3 Reasons Why Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Is My Favourite For Brides

Another plus of this innovative brand is that they are Canadian and owned by a strong female CEO Debbie Bondar. Who doesn’t LOVE that?! She avidly promotes the genuine girl, who uses makeup to empower her to live fearlessly and meet her goals. I love the message behind this brand, but what I love even more is that all you pro makeup artists out there can snag it up for 40% off with your Preferred Pro Program.

2 Easy Ways to Solve Textured Skin Before Your Wedding

Let’s be honest.. who doesn’t want to be the most fresh-faced glowy bitch on their wedding day…? I am right ?! Having any texture on the skin is a big no-no and will stop your skin from looking smooth and flawless both in person and in photos. As much as we can try and rely on makeup, foundation and correctors do a better job at covering tone, than any texture. Your makeup will only look as good as the skin prepped underneath! If you only get one take-away from my blog post, I hope it’s this: prepping your skin will make or break the performance of your makeup. You are dancing with the devil when you go to put contour over patchy skin! Do your homework and determine what products will reduce the texture on your skin, so your makeup lays and blends harmoniously.

You Need To Do These 5 Things Before Your Makeup & Hair Trial

We’ve all had those sweaty makeup days, where your foundation comes sliding off your face, or those bad hair days where every strand falls flat. They actually happen probably more than one would like to admit. That being said, this shouldn’t be the case on your wedding day. I can’t stress the importance enough of having a makeup and hair trial. With a practice run, you can try out multiple looks to solidify which elements are best suited for you and your overall wedding vision. Also, you can try out the longevity of the makeup and hair, to in future, be able to tweak where need be. I’ve seen unprepared brides squander their trials and I don’t want that to be you. So, I’ve come up with a list of expert tips that will prepare you for the best, most pampering experience!