Vintage Inspired Bridal Photoshoot

“I am in love with the romantic, arcane, and disturbingly beautiful lighting of the 1920's. I enjoyed playing with the shadows bouncing onto the cream coloured wall with the delicate late afternoon light - it was the perfect way to start off our story. The golden light of the evening against the blue sky and snow covered grounds inspired me beyond words - it allowed me to properly showcase the style of the hair and makeup of which the 1920's portrayed beautifully.”

-Photographer, Sarah England.

Why We Collaborate?

As a Hair & Makeup Artist, my career started with collaboration aimed to build my portfolio. And to be honest, it never stopped. As much as I could say us wedding vendors keep collaborating for our portfolio or for networking (which those points do hold value), I think we all secretly are obsessed with collaborations because it let’s us be creative. It let’s us push the boundaries of the timeless looks or current trends. Without the limit of real-world clients we can be the trend setter’s. We can take the decades, the colours and the textures to create something different. In turn, these shoots that end up floating around on Pinterest, actually inevitably inspire the brides for the next season.

How To Achieve Vintage:

I used to think vintage meant it had to be structured. In school, we learned 1920’s, 30’s 40’s and so on. Now as a more established artist, I understand that learning those concepts was the fundamental, but that the rules could be broken. For this vintage bridal creative, I took the traditional 1920’s finger waves and added a modern twist. The models hair was not as short as the hair should be when doing a full head of finger waves, but that was okay. With the remaining hair, I pulled it in at the nape of her neck to create a structured, clean chignon. Adding a handmade crystal hair accessory gave this look the perfect finishing touch. The rest of the beauty look also fell cohesively to this concept. The makeup had that petite red lip, fine brow and darker cool toned smokey eye. But, wasn’t dramatic and harsh, making the look more wearable for a bride of the 21st century.

What You Should Take Away:

Creative shoots provoke an emotion. These images remind me so much of the Great Gatsby. I close my eyes and I can see the bride- beaded from head to toe- step out of her vintage car and into her party filled with guests dressed to the nines. Filled with silk, chiffon, taffeta, fringe and sequenced dresses. Headbands, crowns, and hair comb decorating the ladies hair. Purses covered with gold mesh and glittering beads matched with long gloves, boa’s and cigarette holder’s in hand. The “era of wonderful nonsense," the 20’s were full of lavish parties with lavish people, all swishing and swaying to roaring 20’s jazz. We wanted to portray this luxe sentiment. When it comes to your wedding, you can pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. What’s important is that it’s your vision, it’s your experience to create and live from top to bottom. As wedding vendors, but foremost creatives, we try our best to show you that the possibilities are endless.

Please send some love to these amazing vendors:

Photography: Sarah England

Model: Chelsea Brennan

Makeup: Chelsea Falk

Hair: Me

Hair Accessory: Adorn & Co

Dress: Truvelle