5 Thoughts To Have Before Choosing A Bridal Makeup Artist

“I like to think I’m an old soul with a bit of new spunk. I’m a hopeless romantic who views life as if in still moments; ones that I freeze in my memory, like that of a vintage camera with a slow shutter. I’m all about organic connections, face to face interactions, and keeping it light and positive with lot’s of laughs and solid hugs. I’m a goofy, go with the flow kind of girl, and I’m a chatter bug at heart who can easily get lost in a good conversation. I rely on building fun, and unique connections with my clients in order to gain trust; and that way for me, it’s more of a friendship than a business relationship. My business is completely driven by the genuine relationships I have with my clients, and I strive to convey the emotion of how they feel within that exact moment though my images.”

-Photographer, Sarah Nicole

1.) Do Your Homework

When booking your hair and makeup stylist for your wedding, there is a lot to consider. Naturally, you’ll start by doing some research for companies in your area. Before you even take the step to reach out to them, review their testimonials to see what previous brides said about their experience. Portfolio’s and marketing can be misleading, but a review won’t lie, especially if there are multiple bride’s with the same story. When looking at price, keep in mind if you focus strictly on the lowest priced artist, you’ll end up spending more money booking several trials to find the right fit for yourself. After spending thousands on your venue, photographer and dress, don’t skimp out on your face. Your face and hair will be in 90% of the photos and you will want to look back in awe, not horror. Check out what’s included with the service, so you know exactly what your getting yourself into.

2.) Quality Portfolio

Before you book your trial, make sure you’ve seen quality close up images of the artist’s work. You don’t want to just see professional photos (ones that are typically retouched,) but also before and after’s. Check to see if the artist has worked on a range of ethnicity and age. This will indicate whether they will be good working on your mother’s mature skin and with your maid of honours wild coarse black hair. When scrolling through the photo’s keep a keen eye for symmetry and blending (when it comes to makeup) and shape and cleanliness (no fly ways, no backcombing showing for hair.) In addition, make sure your not just scrolling through the same wedding party pictures over and over again and that the company has worked on a multiple different shoots/weddings. Or, at the very least, be realistic about their experience level.

3.) Quality Products

A professional stylist should not only have the proper training but use professional products. Before your trial, inquire about the brands they use and make sure to remind them if you have any allergies or preferences (vegan/cruelty free.) While the technique and training is really important, knowing what products to use on what skin type is equally as important. If your artist doesn’t know have knowledge of products to deal with your stubborn flat hair or oil prone skin, then your look won’t last. Expect a cheaper artist to use products that may not be as good as the artists who charge more. After all, if your only paying 50$, they won’t be able to invest all that into their kit. If you want them to whip out the Channel powder than expect to pay the high price point.

4.) Do the Trial Run

Your trial is approaching and it’s time to see your full bridal look. Make sure you’ve done your part and come prepared with everything you need for your trial. The stylist you’ve booked should have told you exactly what to expect (time, location, duration), what to prepare (cleaned up brows, exfoliated skin), and what to bring (hair accessory, hair extensions, favourite lip shade) When your there, don’t hold back. At the end of the day, your paying for this and you need to speak up for what you want. At the same time, you need to be realistic and remember makeup is just that, makeup, not photoshop. While you should be prepared with looks you like, don’t expect to look like the models in the photos. On another note, be upfront with your previous experiences working with a professional artist. What you didn’t like and why? Also be up front with your comfortability with makeup. True professionals will know how to make sure you not only look flawless, but that you also feel comfortable with the style they have done on you. After the trial check the makeup in different lighting, concentrating on
the lighting you will be in the majority of the wedding day. This is also a great opportunity to take photos to see how the makeup will look.

5.) Find Someone You Click With

Your bridal makeup and hair artist needs to vibe with you. Your wedding is a stressful enough day and you don’t want to bother with someone who who doesn’t get what your all about. On your day, you want to feel at ease and having a calm and prepared stylist can help set the tone for the rest of the day. To find that person, focus on their communication when you initially come in contact. Communication is key. That can be the first sign if you’ve found someone professional. If your waiting on a reply for more than two weeks, its time to move on and find someone who’s more present with their clients. When your communicating, make sure they are leading the way. They are the expert and should be educating you, so you don’t have to worry. A major reason why someone books makeup and hair from a professional and not their cousin “Mary,” is not just for the professional look, but for the service. You should get a luxe, pampering experience on your special day, so don’t settle for anything less. One way to tell if they are a good fit for you, is to not just communicate via email, but to set up a Facetime chat or phone call. This will help you get a sense of their personality, as well as their accommodativeness.



MODEL: Sarah Anders

MAKEUP & Hair: Meagan MacRae

DRESS: Kathryn Bass Bridal

venue: van Arts gallery

What do you look for in a bridal makeup and hair stylist? Comment down below because I wanna hear from you!