Top 5 Bridal Hairstyles 2019

Styles You Need To Check Out:

Hey Brides! Ever find yourself scrolling on Pinterest confused with the endless possibilities? In a sea of a million different options, it can be hard to decipher which style will best suit your wedding vision and hair qualities. After getting multiple requests for the same style, its become pretty clear what is trending this year. Now, I am going to share with you, my secret list! Here are the hairstyles you should consider for your special day & why:

This romantic upstyle, with soft tendrils around the face and nape of the neck is stunning. I think it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have their hair up off their shoulder (possibly to show off a detailed back of the dress), but who still want some face framers. This style can be achieved with shoulder length hair or longer. If your hair is thinner, your stylist will need to add volume (texture spray, backcombing, crimping or extensions are your best bet!) Pair it with a pearly crystal hair accessory and you can’t go wrong!

This is a brushed out version of the old fashion hollywood waves, which was very popular for the 2018 wedding season. With 2019, we have seen the trends shift all together to be softer and more romantic. I think this blown out curled look is gorgeous for a bride that doesn’t mind having her hair down. Keep in mind, to achieve this look, extensions might be necessary for fullness and desired length!

How boho is this braid? 2019 hair has been full with braids of all kinds. From dutch, to french, to fishtale and infinity, braids can either be the masterpiece like this one, or be incorporated as a detail in an upstyle! If your hair isn’t long, you may need to add some extension. For thickness, make sure your stylist puffs some texture powder and pulls apart the braid.

I have been obsessed with these clean, yet textured upstyle’s. A modern twist on the more traditional structured updo, this style is perfect for a simple bride who wants to show off the dimension of her hair tones. This do can be a great one for brides with shorter hair. If necessary, get your stylist to add a hair donut to make the bun appear larger!

This large boho princess bridal style has been the number 1 hair request for my 2019 brides. This style makes people think your hair is down, but is actually a sneaky way to keep it off your shoulders and face! It requires a lot of hair extensions to get that super full look, unless you have naturally thick hair. Poke a few simple hair accessories through these tousled curls and you’ve achieved the most feminine look!

Still have questions about what upstyle is right for you?

*All photos are taken from Pinterest and are not our work. Click for link.