3 Reasons Why Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Is My Favourite For Brides


1.) Backed By A Solid Brand

More and more I find my clients (and the consumer in general) educating themselves on good cosmetic practices and healthy ingredients. A lot of makeup lovers are tossing their mascara tested on bunnies and red eyeshadows made with Carmine (crushed beetles.) While vegan and cruelty free brands require a whole other blog post to get into greater detail, what I can say, is I first and foremost love Face Atelier because they are a Peta and Leaping Bunny approved brand. They are also completely fragrance free for all you sensitive skin girls. A lot of there products are vegan (and they are consciously brining the rest in that direction.)

Another plus of this innovative brand is that they are Canadian and owned by a strong female CEO Debbie Bondar. Who doesn’t LOVE that?! She avidly promotes the genuine girl, who uses makeup to empower her to live fearlessly and meet her goals. I love the message behind this brand, but what I love even more is that all you pro makeup artists out there can snag it up for 40% off with your Preferred Pro Program.

2.) Finish, Formula, Longevity

The Ultra Foundation has a buttery skin-like finish. This is because it’s a silicon base which blurs fine lines and pores. With this formula, no primer is necessary and because of its base, it’s resistant to sweat, tears and water! “OMG, this looks like my real skin,” “This feels SO lightweight!” are typical responses I get when I try it on my clients. This barely there foundation feels flexible on the skin, but provides seamless coverage. You can build it up (do this by letting it dry between layers.) or leave it as a medium coverage. Mature skin- no problem, acne textured skin- no problem, dry patchy skin- no problem. This foundation look SO good over so many different skin concerns. But, like every foundation, it look best over exfoliated and moisturized skin. With its dewy formula and skin like integrity, all my brides photograph beautifully. Although it is self setting and lasts 10+ hours, I would still recommend to set with a powder (even if its just strategically in problem zones) and give a final setting spray sprits with your fav spray.

3.) OMG This Shade Range Is Off The X*$%

The Ultra Foundation is clearly made for every girl. The line comprises of 14 shades, but more importantly, 5 adjusters. Just one drop of an adjuster can help you shift the tone (more pink or more yellow) and depth (more dark or more light,) so you can achieve the most accurate shade. When I first bought the Ultra Foundation, I started with .5, 1, 3, 6, 8, and the adjusters, but now I own every shade. I find that some shades, lean a bit more pink-neutral and some shades lean more yellow-neutral. I did notice its lacking more of the olive tones. I would love to see Face Atelier (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) come out with an olive adjuster for the lighter shades. Before you go to use it, make sure you shake the bottle, because I have noticed some separation in mine when left for a few hours. I find it works well with all the moisturizers in my kit and the finish of the moisturizer typically affects the finish of the foundation.

Face Atelier is perfect for the bride who wants breathable, smooth skin on her wedding day. But, I wouldn’t stop there. Because of the finish and formula of this foundation, I also love using it on any macro beauty shoots as well!

Hope you enjoyed my first review! If you are curious to try it on, email me to book an 15 minute appointment at my studio.