You Need To Do These 5 Things Before Your Makeup & Hair Trial

Trial Prep

Don’t Squander Your Trial

We’ve all had those sweaty makeup days, where your foundation comes sliding off your face, or those bad hair days where every strand falls flat. They actually happen probably more than one would like to admit. That being said, this shouldn’t be the case on your wedding day. I can’t stress the importance enough of having a makeup and hair trial. With a practice run, you can try out multiple looks to solidify which elements are best suited for you and your overall wedding vision. Also, you can try out the longevity of the makeup and hair, to in future, be able to tweak where need be. I’ve seen unprepared brides squander their trials and I don’t want that to be you. So, I’ve come up with a list of expert tips that will prepare you for the best, most pampering experience!

Do You Know Your Wedding Vision?

Your makeup and hair inspo should be cohesive with your overall wedding vision. If you haven’t already picked out a wedding gown, stop right there—there’s no use in coming to a hair and makeup trial without some of the big ticket items (like your dress,) checked off. Important elements such as your wedding venue, colours and dress will dramatically affect the style you want to go for when choosing your hair and makeup. Crisp old hollywood curls would look a little off with a boho-inspired dress, and a stunning back might call for an upstyle instead of flowing curls. Remember to bring a photo of your dress to the trial to help your stylist envision your entire bridal beauty look!

Have You Narrowed Down Your Pinterest Board?

When I first connect with my brides, I make them a custom Pinterest board. If your stylist doesn’t do this, do it yourself! Before the trial, it's important you edit this board. Add ones you like and delete ones you don't. If you like elements of a couple different hairstyles or makeup looks, leave multiple photos on the board. That way when you show your stylist, they can use them to build one cohesive vision. Feel free to bring along photos of what you don’t like, too, because your definition of a “smoky eye” might be very different from your makeup artists! Make sure your features and qualities work with the inspo you chose too. Are you inspired by photos of hairstyles with long, thick hair? If your hair is thin, short or doesn't hold curls well, you might need to reconsider, or rent extensions!

Schedule Smart

 You just got completely glammed! Plan ahead to ensure your not just sitting around the house looking alllll gorgeous. See if you can schedule your trial for the same day as your dress fitting, engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just a fun date night!

Go Clean & Product Free

Prep yourself like it’s your wedding day. For a hair trial, wash your hair the night before (so it has time to regain its natural oils) and don’t put too much product in it. Blow dry it for the most voluminous results. If you need to do a little taming with a straightener or curling iron, that’s OK—just don’t overdo it. You want your hair to be as natural and manipulatable as possible! For a makeup trial, continue your typical skin-care routine. Add exfoliation the night before, so you are left with a soft and clean new baby layer of skin. Ans, don’t put on any makeup products before your trial. A clean face will hold makeup better!

Pick The Right Outfit

To protect the finished product, wear clothes that are easy to change out of. Typically a wider neckline or a button up is best. If you are not planning on repurposing the look for the rest of the day, select a top that has a similar neckline to your dress. That will give you a better picture of your big-day look!

All Of Your Accessories

Veils and other headpieces is a must at the trial—your hair would look way different without them! Don’t forget about your other accessories too. Bring any earrings, necklaces and bracelets you plan to wear. It is nice to match the tone of your accessories to your makeup (although lines can be broken) generally gold accessories will look better with warm toned makeup and silver accessories will look more in alignment with cool toned makeup.


During The Trial 

Speak Up. Don’t like something? Say something! That’s the whole purpose of the trial. Don’t be shy. Your artist likely wants to meet your visions and exceed your expectations

After The Appointment

Pay Attention! Keep tabs on how your hair and makeup are holding up. Has your lipstick totally disappeared? Are your curls starting to look limp? A little wear is expected—just note it and ask your stylist to add more hairspray if need be. Remember though, you will probably need a touch up kit on the day of. Check with your stylist if she will provide you with one or create one yourself to toss in your clutch!