My Go-To Brow Routine

Do You Have A Good Canvas?

Before you reach to pick out products and scribble in your brows, STOP! For the perfect brow look, you need to start by assessing your canvas. What is your brow shape, length and colour. In order to spend less time every morning trying to fill them in evenly, maintain your brows once a month (or twice if your hair grows fast)! Maintaining your brows will ensure they are always even. The perception of beauty is greatly impacted by facial symmetry, so keep your brows the right size and shape for your face! Read on for a few pro tips for creating the perfect canvas

1.) Tweeze, wax or thread your brows. Don’t over pluck, its not 2003. Try to not take from the top, just clean up from the bottom. If this step scares the hell out of you, book an appointment with a professional to get the job done right.

2.) If your brow hairs are long or wiry, use a spooly to brush up and cut the hairs with nail scissors to keep them from looking unruly.

3.) Tint your brows. Brows look good when they are slightly darker than your hair colour. Tinting can be a super quick and simple process. Mix 1 part tint, 2 parts 10 vol developer, the one I use can be found on Amazon, or get it done professionally.

Products I Recommend

Once you’ve got a perfect base, your brow routine should literally take you 2 minutes every morning. 2019 trends are not calling for the overly sculpted brows, rather fluffy and full looking. Start by taking your desired brow gel and a spooly. I personally use Got To Be Glued (which is an extreme hold) but you can use Soap Brow, just your own bar of soap, or any brow gel sold in stores. Brush all your brows up and instead of toward the tail, brush more towards your temples. Once you go in with gel, you can no longer use a powder or brow pencil (it gets all weird and gloopy looking) What you can use instead is something liquid, more specifically a pomade or brow pen. My go to is the MAC brow pens. With light brush strokes, individually draw on little hairs throughout your brows in the direction of your hair growth. And voila! Your done!

Go To Look

The steps above is exactly what I do on all of my editorials and for a lot of my wedding clients. It pairs so perfectly with a soft and dewy complexion. I find that it emphasizes your brows and lets you shape them without filling in or shading completely with powder. This style has definitely become a trend for 2019/20 beauty. For some, it may feel a bit too model-esk, but just give it a go and you too might fall in love with this gorg fluffy & feathery brow look!