Its your special day & it's going to rain…

Oh… Raincouver

So you’re getting married… destination: Vancouver. It’s time to face the facts. Even if your chosen date is in the heat of summer, it might just fall on the odd day it downpours rain. See Vancouver *cough* Raincouver’s weather is highly unpredictable, so you miss bride-to-be should read up on this blog post full of tangible tips and tricks to be the most prepared before your day, rain or shine.

As I sit here now with a warm cup of coffee in my hands and rain splattering down on my windshield, it’s easy to forget those vibrant summer days. It reminds me that weddings held from October-May have a high chance of having rain. Now not neglecting those weddings, its important to speak to what we can do as makeup artists and as brides to create and maintain the most flawless wedding day looks, even in a humid wet climate. Read on for my top 3 tips!

1.) Clear Umbrellas

Grab cute, clear umbrellas from your local dollar store (my fav are at Dollarama) for you and the entire bridal party. Between walking to and from locations and taking pictures outside, it’s important to stay as dry as possible. *Bonus, grab a few cute pics with these stylist umbrellas!

2.) Makeup Sealant

More than just a setting spray, find an makeup artist who works with sealers such as Blue Marble for more heavy duty protection. With so many setting sprays on the market, it can get confusing which ones do what. Look for a setting spray that creates a “film” on top of your makeup to protect against water or tears. Waterproofing your entire face is important, but also, don;’t forget about waterproof eyeliner + mascara to begin with!

3.) Bring The Right Touch Up Tools

If your hair is high subjected to humidity or it’s raining vertically that day- as it often does, make sure to pack your hot tools to touch up those locks. After the first look, or during a quick lull of the reception, have one of your maids pull you to the bridal room to give your hair a little spruce.

All weather jokes aside, rain, like any wedding day mishap, can’t be avoided and I encourage you to roll with the punches. By the time you get down to the day, its better to just embrace what comes and not let anything bring you down. Happy Planning!