5 Ways A Goddess Session Changed My Self-Image

What Is A Goddess Session?

Today, I am sharing with you 5 ways a Goddess Session effects your self-worth. What is a Goddess Session you ask? Simply put, a Goddess Session is an experienced designed to bring out what makes “you” you and capture this essence. This session is an intimate approach to the more traditional style of boudoir photography. Unlike anything else, this is not going to be an hour of staged awkward poses and forced smiling. Intimate, raw and shameless, the products of this experience will speak volumes to you!

Hear It From The Goddess Expert Herself:

Dance Floor Killer, Animal Lover, Wild Wonderer and Photographer: Laura Mohr, of Little Mohr Photography:

“I love doing these Goddess Session for women because it brings me such joy to see them in awe. To see them shed a tear because they’ve never thought they could be this beautiful, or to hear them say “oh my god that’s me??!” Or for them to hug me, and say they finally love themselves, or see themselves as sexy, or someone worthy of love. We women are so hard on ourselves and each other, and this is my way to teach women to change that. If we all love ourselves and are happy, the world will be a better place. If I can make them all content and love themselves, then maybe the men will be happy too (a happy wife is a happy life?!) Hahaha! I’m just kidding. But really, happiness comes from the inside. I believe if we are happy by ourself because of ourselves, then relationships will thrive, our careers will thrive and life will be a lot easier, even if it’s not going perfectly. ❤️My experience doing boudoir with another photographer changed my life for the better. I never considered myself beautiful, or sexy, or feminine and now I honestly can say I love myself and enjoy those parts of me. It’s life changing when you can live like that, and I want to help other woman get there too.”

5 Ways A Goddess Session Effects Your Self-Worth

1: A Goddess Session will help you build a relationship with yourself. Seeing your beauty in a different light will help you not only accept, but appreciate every quirk and trait that makes you up. This can be the first step to a long journey of self discovery.

2: A Goddess Session will help you build up self-love and confidence. Anything that you invest time, money and energy into, you will get better at and love more. Same goes for yourself. A Goddess Session enables you to commit time to yourself and your well being. 

3: A Goddess Session will give you time to get pampered. Us woman do so much for everyone except ourselves. Now it’s your turn to sit back relax and let someone else take the reins. We often forget looking in the mirror everyday, how beautiful we are. Sometimes, it takes someone else perspective by enhance our natural features to remind us.

4: A Goddess Session will give you a way to remember who you are right now. You will change physically and emotionally over time. In a year, or 5, or 10 you’ll hold these photos and remember who you were and how your life has changed. It will be a reminder to be thankful for who you are, in that very moment, at any stage in life.

5: A Goddess Session will help you own your boldness, sexyness and intimacy in your relationship. This is the last point, because this session should be for you first. But, it is also a great gift for your significant other. Valentine’s Day, a Birthday, Christmas, an Anniversary, or just because. You will ignite a flame, they will love it,and so will you! `

A Tid Bit From Me:

Being a makeup artist on these photoshoots has given me a preview into this experience. I have worked on hundred of boudoir shoots and nothing is quite like this. Working alongside Laura, I have seen the way she interacts with clients, from when they sit in my chair all the way until their viewing session. I can honestly say she has cultivated such an intentional experience for her clients and that is why I chose to share it with you today. I hope you were able to take something away from this read that helps you love yourself just a little bit more.