e## Q. What is your background? Where did you learn to apply makeup? A. I have always been an artsy girly girl who loved drawing and painting. Being the youngest and watching my older sisters and mom get do their hair and play with makeup, was the influence that sparked my love for cosmetics. Growing up in the mist of the creation of Youtube and online reviews, my love of makeup and all things beautiful only hightenend. Naturally, I started looking for where to be trained professionally. I attended John Casablancas Institute, recieveing Honorable Distinctions and Perfect Attendance Awards. It was energizing being surrounded by not only makeup artists, but hairstylist, models and designers. I continued my education being a Color Consultant at Sephora. There, I developed elevated customer services skills and product knowledge. I feel like I already had the passion and talent, but working with different artists helped me diversafy. Each artist I worked with taught me a different and unique concept.

Q. What types of products do you use? Are they good for photography?

A. Our studio manly uses Face Atleier, a crulety free (mostly vegan/transitioning) line. This is a fabulous line created for makeup artists, by makeup artist and used often on celebrities, on the red carpet, and on runways. We use only pro products in our kit to ensure high pigment and longevity. Some other lines we use are MAC, MUFE and Marc Jacobs. We also use airbrush which is made for photography and HD television.

Q. Do you use airbrush makeup?

A. YES! We specialize in Airbrush makeup and swear by it. It is optional to have wedding makeup be done using Airbrush, but we find it lasts longer and feels amazingly light on the skin. It has great coverage without feeling “heavy” on the skin. It does not “sweat off” or look cakey. I use the brand Face Atelier for all my Airbrush applications.

Q. Do you do tattoo cover-ups?

A. Yes! We love doing cover-ups and use special Airbrush makeup made for covering up tattoos. The Airbrush makeup is completely non-transferable and water proof. No worrying about the makeup rubbing off on your wedding dress! We also do cover-ups for body acne, stretch marks and uneven skin on the body. Inquire for a consultation!

Q. How long will my makeup last?

A. The makeup will last all day(12-15 hours). The Airbrush makeup lasts up to 15 hours depending on the weather conditions. We have never had anyone say it didn't last in this Vancouver weather. We have done many brides at 6 in the morning and their makeup is perfect until the end of their reception. Of course, you will have to touch up with blot powder or blot paper and touch up your lips throughout the day and that's why we provide touch up kits!

Q. What happens if I cry/sweat?

A. Don't worry, everything we use for weddings is water resistant or waterproof, from the foundation to the mascara. Simply dab your eyes or forehead with the tissues or Q-tips we provide, and keep on looking gorgeous!

Q. What if I’m not used to wearing makeup?

A. We always work with each client to ensure he or she looks their absolute best. If you are unsure about makeup, we will work together to create a look that enhances your best features and plays down the areas you may not be as happy with. We don’t want you to feel that we’ve transformed you into someone no one recognizes anymore – unless that's how you want to look!

Q. Do you have experience with Ethnic/Acne/Mature skin types?

A. Absolutely!! We specialize in custom-blended makeup to match any skin tone no matter how dark or light. We LOVE working with the many different shades and tones of beauty! We also have a full range of professional skin care products that we use to prepare delicate, mature, sensitive or acne-prone skin before makeup application to achieve the very best results.

Q. I am not sure what makeup look I want on my special day. Can you help?

A. Definitely!! If you are not sure what you are wanting we would love to help. We try our best to ask a variety of questions in order to get an idea of what you may want. Remember, it is your wedding day so if you aren't sure we will usually stick with something more natural. We can always start out that way and work our way to a more dramatic look.

Q. Can you duplicate a makeup look from pictures in magazines?

A. Our Pinterest is a great place to start to get an idea of what you want. Remember, it is a little bit harder for me to see what is on the eyes in some pictures in magazines so it is best to have pictures that show the eyelids. It's best to pick someone with similar features and tone.

Q. Why do I need a Professional Makeup Artist vs a free makeup artist or doing it myself?

A: Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider a Professional make-up artist for your wedding day. If any of these apply to you, then it's probably worth having a professional make-up artist.

1.) You are unsure what colors to use and how best to apply make-up for the photography. 2.) You want the make-up to last all day. 3.) You would be too nervous on the morning of the wedding to apply your own make-up. 4.) You want to be pampered on your wedding day. 5.) You want your wedding pictures to look flawless. 6.) This is your wedding day and you want to look your absolute best. 7.) You have spent so much money on your photographer, dress, shoes, jewelry, and reception hall. Why would you want to skimp out on your face?

Q. What size party can you accommodate?

A. Each artist can do up to 6 people comfortably. It all depends on what time you have to be ready that day. If we have 8 girls and you have to be ready at 10 in the morning then I will need to have my team assist me.

Q. Do you also do wedding hair?

A. Yes, we offer both hair and makeup for your event. Please let us know you are interested when you contact us.

Q. Do you require a deposit/retainer?

A. Yes, we do require a deposit/retainer to hold your date. The retainer amount is 50%. Your date will not be held without a signed contract and retainer.

Q. Do you do a trial run?

A. We do not require doing a trial run before your big day. Doing a trial run, however, will help insure that you are happy with your makeup/hair look before the big day. You don't want to have to worry about that on the day of your wedding. Having your trial run behind you, you can sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing that you love the look that you chose. Trials are 125$/hr and done in studio at 17 Creekstone Pl. If you wish to have a trial done before paying a deposit and securing your date, trial costs are due the day of the trial.

Q. What is included in the trial run?

A. You can expect that your trial run/consultation will last 60 mins (makeup only, if getting hair trial too it will also be 60 mins). Before we meet, we will discuss all the details of your wedding – dresses, flowers, theme, etc. We will also discuss what makeup, if any, you wear on a normal basis. We will go over your ideas and what looks you were envisioning for your wedding day. We will look over any pictures and also at my portfolio. Once you have decided, then we book a trial run. We will start with the makeup application we chose and tweak anything we need to. If your mother or bridesmaids would like a trial run as well, we can do it at the same appointment or schedule it when it is convenient to them at the same rate. We want you to be a 100% happy with your look and we will make that happen.

Q. What if I want to do a trial run to decide if I want to book your services?

A. You are more than welcome to book a trial run to decide if you want to book our services. Most people know just by looking at our work and past reviews that they want to book us. If you are still unsure we can definitely book your trial run before hand. Just remember that doing a trial run does not secure your date. If someone else calls and is ready to book before your trial run your date might get taken. Most of the time this isn't an issue but just want you to be aware that it has happened in some cases. If you do not book a package before your trial, trial costs will be seperate at 125$/hr

Q. When should I schedule a trial run for my wedding?

A. Most brides like to come a month or two before but that is totally up to you. Most want to do it then because you are more certain of the look you are wanting and less likely to change your look or colors. On the other hand, we do have others that want to come right when they book me.

Q. What is Beauty En Route?

Beauty En Route is a brand new concept for the wedding and event scene. We offer hair and makeup services brought to your location, in ultimate luxury. As a mobile makeup truck, we can provide a perfect escape from a busy venue, or a touch of glam in a remote location. Beauty En route can hold up to a party of 6. Beauty En Route is an additional 100$ fee.

Q. Do you travel? Do you charge a travel fee?

A. Traveling is what we love about our job. We know that on a stressful day it is much easier for someone to come to you so that you can enjoy and relax on your special day. We do not charge a travel fee if your location is within the Greater Vancouver Area. Please inquire for details.

A. We will travel as far as you need me to. Depending on how far we have to travel there may be an additional travel charge, hotel stay and my food expenses for the day.

Q. On my wedding day do I come to you, or do you travel to my venue (or location where I am getting ready)?

A. We will do whatever works best for you. We have some clients that come to us but the majority of clients want us to come to their location. Coming to you helps to reduce time and stress for that day and also helps things flow smoothly.

Q. How will I touch-up my lips or face? Can I get those products from you?

A. With the crazy Vancouver weather, we know its essential to provide touch up kits. For your convience we provide a custom lip sample, blotting papper, q-tips, tissue, mints, straw, powder, sponge, safety pins and mirror.

Q. Will I be your only event on the day of my wedding?

A. We often book more than one event on a given day depending on the size of the group, timing and location. We do not overbook and always make sure that we can complete everyone in the time discussed. Just a reminder, we only book another wedding that day once we have confirmed your schedule with you. Once the schedule is confirmed we have to stick to that schedule you give as we have already booked someone else based on that schedule. For example, each artist might book two weddings but one of those might be just the bride only and the other would be the minimum booking.

Q. Does our makeup include lashes?

A. Yes, we include lashes on everyone ! This means either full lashes or individual. Mink Lashes are availible for purchase for 25$.

Q. How do I book you for my wedding date?

A. We prefer to speak on the phone first to get all of the details of your wedding and what you are wanting for your special day. From there we will send you a proposal of all the details that we discussed. Once we receive the completed contract and retainer you will be booked.

Q. How soon should I book my makeup services?

A. We start booking weddings a year in advance so the sooner, the better!!

Q. What methods of payments do you accept?

A. We accept Cash, e-transfer + credit cards. All payements must be completed 3 days before the wedding.

Q. Is your pricing negotiable? Are there any discounts?

A. Nope ! When it comes to hiring a professional makeup artist for on-location or personal services, you definitely get what you pay for! When you hire us, you are hiring an experienced professional that comes to YOU. The level of skill and expertise that you can expect is far superior to hiring your sister, other relative, friend or a cosmetic sales-person from the mall. We will however give you the best possible pricing and options that best suites you and your wedding. Please inquire for our service list that you can select from.

Q. I have more questions (or, I'm ready to book). How can I get in contact with you?

A. You can contact our Studio Coordinator Destiny via email (hello@paragonmakeup.com), telephone (604.839.4770), or fill out this form.

Q. I am interested in Lash services. Where can I look for more information?

A. Click here and it will take you to our page.