Top Tips To Find Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

Hair Extensions And Weddings

Alright, so I recently asked all you future brides “what concerns you about your makeup and hair on your wedding day?” The reason I ask is because, I wanna know what YOU are nervous about, so I can address some of these issues. Several brides got back to me mentioning they were lost and confused on how to navigate the world of hair extensions. And I get it. It’s a hot topic because hair extensions are a necessity for a lot of those insanely voluminous styles you are dreamin’ about from Pinterest. For a first time buyer, extensions are quite expensive and risky to purchase, especially if you're going the online route. Between choosing European versus Indian, matching the specific colour tone to your hair and determining the proper length, it's important to get hair extensions right.

The Two Choices

After working in the industry for several years, this is my advice to you: unless you plan on wearing the hair extensions after your wedding day, I would not recommend to invest in your own pair because it will run you 100-400$ (depending on quality.) Instead, what I would recommend is for you to either rent a pair or get them installed into your hair. The choice between the two is greatly dependant on the hair style your going for. If you're planning on wearing your hair up or half-up half-down, find a bridal hairstylist for your wedding day that has a kit full of various extensions you can rent. (I personally use the Emme Hair brand.) During your bridal hair trial, you can work out the details, like the colour and density that will give you the outcome you desire. Don’t forget to return them on time or you may be charge a fee or the full amount for breaking your contract. If you have a bigger budget, or are looking to wear your hair all down on your wedding day, I would recommend for you to go to a professional salon to get them to permanently installed. There are several different types of permanent extensions and depending on what method of hair extension you get installed, you can't manipulate your hair into a complex updo’s and braids. So, beware of the limitations. That being said, semi-permanent hair extensions are nice because you don't only get enjoy luscious locks on your wedding day, but also for the events leading up and your honeymoon after.

Emme Hair

Should you be in the Vancouver Area and chose to go salon route, I would recommend for you to go to my favourite local spot, Emme Hair, located in Kitsilano. Veronica, the owner and her stylists will do a fantastic job of not only applying, but also colour matching your extensions to your natural hair. This salon specializes in hair extensions and manufacture’s their own brand of ethically sourced hair. At the salon you can get multiple different types of extensions such as wefts, tapes, clips as well as Emme strands (which are micro bead extensions, only they use smaller beads) With many different types of permanent extensions, there are important factors to take into consideration when choosing what is right for you. Make sure you talk to a professional about your natural hair qualities (is it coarse, or fine?) and your desired outcome. Having worked on their website campaign, I know for sure, the girls at Emme will be able to consult you on what is best for your wedding day, so go check them out here

I hope this breakdown informed you a little bit more about the options you have when working with hair extensions for your wedding. If you've any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me or comment down below.